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Content Delivery

[work in progress]

The content delivery flow looks like this:

_Browser Request -> Check if page can be found in KeyValue Store_  
_-> if yes, combine prerendered content snippets_  
_-> if no, 404 (or fall back to alternative application to server request)_  

Right click and open in a new tab to make it readable.

Diagram Source Data

HTTP Request Flow

# To be used with https://www.websequencediagrams.com/

title HTTP Request Flow

WebFront->WebFront: registerFactories()
WebFront->WebFront: registerRouters()
WebFront->+HttpRouterChain: route(HttpRequest)
HttpRouterChain->+HttpRouter: route(HttpRequest)
HttpRouter->+HttpRequestHandler: canProcess(HttpRequest)
HttpRequestHandler->-HttpRouter: bool
HttpRouter->-HttpRouterChain: HttpRequestHandler
HttpRouterChain->-WebFront: HttpRequestHandler
WebFront->+HttpRequestHandler: process(HttpRequest)
HttpRequestHandler->-WebFront: HttpResponse
WebFront->HttpResponse: send()

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