Project Goals

Lizards & Pumpkins is built by professionals working in e-commerce. Being unsatisfied with
existing software we came down with our own online catalog implementation addressing the problems of
other solutions at the market, namely performance, scalability and catalog inconsistencies.

Consistent catalog

Because it utilizes NO caching or indexing!


Through server response time measuring only milliseconds.

Cost-effective scalability

Most e-commerce platforms are expensive to scale due to diminishing returns.
With Lizards & Pumpkins, a single, simple server is already able to handle a large amount of visitors.
And adding a server will always scale up the same amount as the previous one.

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Immediate catalog updates

Lizards & Pumpkins makes individual product changes (almost) instantaneous and bulk imports can be scaled up as needed depending on the catalog size. All the while pages still are being delivered at a blazing speed.

Calculable scalability

Due to Lizards & Pumpkins linear scalability it is easy to work out how much power the servers need to be assigned to handle a given number of expected visitors.

No more overpowered hardware idling around, no more traffic spikes slowing response times.

Additionally, the platform makes good use of the hardware, which means smaller servers can serve more customers.

Integrate any third party system

Lizards & Pumpkins supplies no PIM or CRM or other backoffice capabilities. Instead of building these into the product, our goal is to make integrating third party systems as simple as possible.

We follow the philosophy that a tool should do one thing well, rather than doing many things badly.

Clean Code

All developers working on Lizards & Pumpkins have read (and agreed with) the principles of clean code, as presented by Robert C. (a.k.a. Uncle Bob) Martin in his classic book "Clean Code".

Every line of code is open-source. Every line of code is test driven. Every line of code has been reviewed before it was merged into the product.

A flexible technology stack and no dependencies on 3rd party frameworks help keep technical debt in check and make Lizards & Pumpkins easy to adjust to a merchants unique requirements.

Developer VM

A vagrant based developer VM is available on github. It contains a pre-configured environment of Lizards & Pumpkins ready for you to start exploring. All non-catalog features (for example the shopping basket and checkout) are provided by a Magento (1.x) CE installation with sample data.

API first

Lizards & Pumpkins doesn't care if the catalog is delivered as HTML or as JSON (or XML or anything else). This can be utilized to build an API first or API only catalog. This allows the shop frontend to be developed as an independent application, decoupled from the server-side application.

However, it is also possible to render the complete catalog server side as a website that does not require JavaScript.

Made for custom applications

Lizards & Pumpkins provides a basic pre-rendering and content delivery platform, on which any given store can be implemented. Our goal is not to provide a turn-key ready solution, but rather a strong foundation for custom built commerce applications. Lizards & Pumpkins handles the preparation and delivery of the content.

Pure Partnership

Lizards & Pumpkins is a very young platform which means that in order to utilize it for projects, be prepared to invest development time into it.

On the upside, by knowing Lizards & Pumpkins you can offer unique capabilities to solve your customers problems.

This also allows you to influence the direction of the product as it matures.

Lizards & Pumpkins at a Glance

Below are some highlights of Lizards & Pumpkins. However this is just
the tip of the iceberg. There is much more under the hood.

  • Speed

    Server response times are just few milliseconds for every catalog page. This improves organic search rankings and visitor satisfaction.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Being completely open-source you are in a full control of project costs. No subscription or update charges.

  • Scalability

    With horizontally scalable architecture there is literally no limit of products in catalog or visitors a day.

  • Data Consistency

    Every product data change, whether it is a product name, price or stock level update is immediately visible online.

  • Security

    Every line of code is passing two levels of automated testing, human code review and multiple security vulnerability analyzers.

  • Test Coverage

    All code is covered by unit and integration tests. This allows consistent development speed and helps keep technical debt at bay.

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